Japan Online Souvenir Shopping Service

We purchase products you’d like at the cheapest price and delivery to totel just for you!

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Suggest At The Cheapest Price

Let’s be honest, it is cheaper purchasing most items online than buying them at the store in Japan. Click Courier picks up and suggests items at the most reasonable price.

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Only 10% Comission

It is ½ or more less, and it goes down to 8% for over 10,000 yen of your total purchase and 5% for over 20,000 yen of your total purchase.

Museum Ticket

1000 yen

Via Agency In General

2000 yen

Via Click Courier

1100 yen


Reservations And Rare Items

Click Courier can get popular museum tickets, rare products like a very rare whisky from Yamazaki, popular Anime goods...you name it! We try our best to get whatever you like!

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Check Our Suggestions!

If you don’t have particular items to take, we make wonderful suggestions upon your request. It may be a great opportunity to find Japanese hidden hot stuff!

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Let Us Know What You Want


Send us a message which should include what you are looking for. Click Courier will reply within 24 hours with our suggestions. It doesn’t any cost to consult.


Please reply to us via email with (1)Items you chose and the number of items (2)Address of your stay in Japan (3)Desired Delivery Date.

Click Courier will send you determined amount and payment form for settlement.


Receive the products! We deliver the product(s) to your staying address in Japan.

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